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Vacation Accessories For Every Destination

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

I don't know about you, but whenever I'm headed anywhere, even if it's a weekend getaway, a staycation or travel abroad, I'm all about accessorizing. Before each trip I seek out a fun little something to set the mood and make me feel a little more in vacation mode. Here's some of my favorites, and more just for you.

Note: Always Pack Tissues represents many tried and tested travel sites as what is called an 'affiliate' partner. That means if you click on my ads I may get a commission from a resulting sale.

Accessories for Japan, China and Southeast Asia

hot air balloons fly over three red draped women carrying three parasols

Classic Paper Parasol

This fun find on Amazon sells most of the primary colors you can think of for this cute sun shade. I bought one years ago in Asia and I bring it on many of my adventures. It's great for keeping cool in the sun and looks stunning in photos. Try this fuchsia colored parasol to really turn heads.

Japanese Earrings

These asymmetrical fan earrings are an adorable addition to your packing list for Japan, and only cost $4 on Amazon! When I'm not in Japan I wear these out on sushi bar nights!

Japanese fan earrings

Kid's Sushi PJs

I looked everywhere for cute sushi jammies for myself, but couldn't settle on anything. Instead, I got my daughter these adorable sushi pajamas from Carter's.

pink girls pajamas with sushi pattern

Take Out Purse

This is definitely for your tween or a chic mom, but I love the pink version of this takeout Chinese carton purse. Choose your color from black, red, yellow, pink or white!

Hair Chopsticks

Go ahead and do something different. Try these hair chopsticks for a cute new look on long hair.

Southeast Asia Vacation Accessories

traditional balinese dancer wearing gold adornments

A Sarong for Beaches and Temples

You'll need a sarong in Southeast Asia to enter temples (for covering your legs), at the beach (doubles as a beach blanket!) and out to dinner (it's a shawl too!). This versatile grab is a must for any savvy packer for Bali, Thailand, India and so on.

Beaded Tassle Necklace

This beautiful stone necklace matches just about every outfit you can imagine. I just love mine!

green stone necklace with tassle

Harem Pants

Feel hip and breezy in these amazing harem pants.

Tropical Accessories

a girl wearing a yellow sarong on the beach

Vintage Frida Dress

Whether you're going to Buenos Aires, Mexico or your local cantina, this stunning Frida inspired pencil dress gets all the compliments. The perfect fit with some red lipstick and a small clutch and you're ready to wow!

woman wearing black dress with frida kahlo on it

Rattan Purse

This classic handwoven round purse is an adorable add on to every tropical outfit. I get compliments all the time on mine, which I chose in white.

white rattan purse

Pretty Pineapples

These cute little pearl and gold pineapples can be found for only $7 on Amazon. I got mine in an expensive boutique, but they were worth every penny - I wear them on every tropical vacation!

pearl pineapple earrings

Lobster Bling

Can we talk about these lobster earrings? They're amazing.

Lobster Slippers

While we're lobstering, do you think your beau would wear these? These may not be a vacation accessory for everyone, but they sure are a conversation starter. Grab them for a groom-to-be, a birthday boy, or for lobster season in the Florida Keys!

Vintage Swim Cap

OK so I saw this and instantly thought of little orphan Annie's swim cap. I really want to bring this back in style!

Middle Eastern Modesty

cream colored mosque alley

All That Glitters is Gold

Dubai's shops are dripping in gold from jewelry to face cream, so come prepared with these minimalist love knot style studs, plated in 18K gold.

All Around Tunic

Cover up in style with this linen top, appropriate for moving about town in Muslim countries.

Shoulder Covering

Whether in Morocco or Dubai, you can bet it's probably pretty hot. Cover up with this UPF 50+ shawl that is both practical and modest.

Head Covering

When choosing a head covering to visit mosques and other religious places, consider something versatile for many styles of outfits, preferably in a solid print. You also want to consider how breathable it is on a hot day. Most long scarves from home will do the trick, or you can hunt one down online like this one, which gets excellent reviews.


a closeup on the leaning tower of pisa

Pasta Jewelry

Check out Delicacies Jewelry. Their selection of pasta necklaces, dumpling necklaces and more options are outrageously cute. I opted for the rose gold farfalle pasta set, which includes post earrings and a necklace. They are so demure and simple and I absolutely love them. Choose from many different styles!

farfalle pasta jewelry set

Pickpocket Proof Scarf

This infinity scarf honestly works for anywhere, but it's a great add-on for anywhere you are concerned about pick pocketing or petty theft. The built in hidden zipper pouch can hold your phone, passport, keys, whatever and it looks cute too. I bought one for every lady in my family!

Trips to Farm Country

cattle stand in front of a sunset

Campgrounds like Harvest Hosts are a great travel option for those with travel trailers or pop up car tents who want to camp somewhere just a little bit different. These fun farmstays include a space for you to boondock (read: no electric or water hookups) and then you get access to the farm, winery, distillery or whatever else is on their land.

Sometimes you can glamp at farmsteads in souped up vintage trailers, like at this one in California's wine country.

Chicken Purse

I really want to know why this product exists, but it does, and it sells over 300 bags a month. I guess take it to your next farm visit or camping trip!

Egg Apron?

I'm truly baffled by this farm genre, but this stupid cute apron for eggs would be way up high on my list for a long farmstay. Why not?

Sexy Farm Hat

Imagine you, this hat, and your favorite flannel sweater traipsing through a pumpkin patch. I can see it, can you?


young people cheers large beers in a beer tent at oktoberfest

Twisted Pretzel Purse

Headed to Oktoberfest? Maybe a fair? Check out this adorable pretzel purse.

Edelweiss Jewelry Set

I want to start singing "Edelweiss" just looking at this adorable set for your next outing to Germany.

Across the Pond

tartan kilts marching with bagpipes

Claddagh Ring to Beat All Claddagh Rings

This authentically Irish ring with gorgeous green gemstone was authenticated and stamped at the Dublin Castle in Ireland.

Artful London Umbrella

You need an umbrella in London, so you may as well carry a cute one. This pattern features a black and white scene of Big Ben with popping red accents. It's not only beautiful, but it's an inverse umbrella, meaning the inside stays wet (when folded) while the outside stays dry.

Scandinavian Hygge

a blond girl in a field

Hygge, or comfort, is basically a goal post for all things Scandinavian. Try out these fun accessories to pack on your next trip to Oslo or Copenhagen.

The Classic Bag

I love this Fjallraven Kanken bag in yellow! I saw these for sale recently and I'm kicking myself for not buying one.

Arendelle's Snow Queen

Channel your inner Elsa with this snowflake necklace, whose castles are based on real locations in Scandinavia.

Boho Shawl

Cozy hygge vibes all over this one - wear it hiking the fjords, to a fire on the beach in North Zealand, or use it as your airplane shawl when you fly Norse Airlines (they don't offer free blankets!).

Waterproof Hiking Boots by Sorel

You'll need these Sorel boots most of the year in the Scandinavian countries, and did you notice how well they pair with that hygge shawl?

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