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12 Cool Rolling Backpacks for School and Travel

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Back to school shopping is here again, and we want our children to look cool but be comfortable as well.

Back in my day kids with rolling backpacks were seen as total nerds, but then again the "cool kids" were also lugging around all their heavy books and binders with the one shoulder strap look. Cool? Maybe. Good for your chiropractor? Totally.

But as growing consciousness on health and wellness has developed over the years, we as parents want to make sure our kids aren't breaking their backs with all the gear they have to carry from class to class, or even just from home to bus stop.

The best part about these cute and functional rolling backpacks is that they also double as carry-on bags for your next airplane ride. These multi-use rolling backpacks will work for both school and travel, so let's get to shopping!

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Rolling Backpacks for Daycare or Preschool Kids

The Cutie Carrier

This adorable little 12.5" bag carries just enough for your little one, including their favorite friend! This one comes with a unicorn, but there are also dinosaur options, all around $40.

It can carry their sippy cup or water bottle, headphones or coloring books, and more. Bonus is that the denim won't get as visibly dirty as other similar brands.

The Sequined Purple Kitty

Combine reversible pattern sequins, adorable kitty cats, and all purple fabric and you've got yourself a little girl's dream bag.

At $55 it comes with a pencil case, lunch box and pom pom keychain.

Rolling Backpacks for Elementary School Kids

For the Dino Fan

If you ask me, this bag is pretty baller for boys or girls.

It's 18", around $50 and also comes with a pencil case and lunch box. They also sell a cute unicorn bag for girls or another joe-cool dino in shades.

Mermaids and Pop-Its? Obv, Mom, Plz Get This.

This adorable bag gets style points on top of fun points for it's mermaid exterior with fun and addictive pop-its all over the front pocket.

Around $60, this bag also comes with a pencil case and lunch box, satisfying all the needs for school or travel.

For JoJo Vibes

Sparkly and pink - that's all you really need to win your smaller girls over.

At around $35, this great school bag comes with a pencil case and lunch box. What a steal, and you can use it on the airplane too. Winning all around!

Rolling Backpacks for Middle School Kids

The Basic Rolling Backpack for School and Travel

This Plain Jane bag is durable enough for school and travel, at an average of $35 per design.

At 17", it is a great kid's bag for an airplane too.

Perfect for Your Tween

Does your girl love Emily in Paris? Or drool over the avant-garde? This tre-chic rolling backpack has Parisian vibes and cool-girl flair.

Around $55 this bag set comes with a lunch box with a purse style strap and a pencil case.

Out of This World

With rugged material, durable large wheels and an included lunch tote, this $65 bag is great for all the stargazers in your life.

Fun bonus? The wheels light up!

Rolling Backpacks for High School or College (For Teens and 20s)

The Large Capacity Fun One

This sweet backpack comes in nearly 40 styles! I like this graffiti print one:

Coming in at 18" and around $50 a bag, this one is a no brainer. It is super roomy for travel or school, and the big rubber wheels are a win on cobbled streets.

The Rugged Stunner

Admittedly pricier than the rest on this list at around $125, this backpack comes in purple, blue and black to suit any taste.

It's waterproof and comes with huge wheels for all types of terrain. It holds your school gear with style and even fits plenty of carry-on luggage with its 20 inch height.

For The Battery Burners

This backpack for older kids and adults will keep your phone charged all day with its external USB charging port.

On top of the standard rolling backpack features offering multiple compartments for storage, it has space for your laptop and carry-ons in just under 20" height. This bag posts around $90.

Surf's Up, Bro

This totally tubular backpack on wheels has all the vibes for the surfer dude or dudette.

It will run you about $80, but you can bet it's durable and functional for travel at 19" tall.

Last Word

Perfect for packing all the carry-on essentials you need in the car or on an airplane, many of these bags will work as carry-ons or underseat personal bags (depending on the size) and will be great for lugging all the school work your kids need when the school day is in.

Don't forget to check out my round up of essential items to pack for toddlers on airplanes, and hey, while you're at it I've also showcased some great travel beds for toddlers too.

Save some money during this year's' back to school chaos week - get that perfect rolling backpack for school AND travel, and be ready for the next adventure.



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