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Best Tapas in Sitges

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Recently on my overnight stay in the Spanish seaside town of Sitges, just 23 minutes from Barcelona airport, I did my typical last minute in a small town Google for “best tapas bars in Sitges” and the results were simply not good enough. It led me to a Google map zoom-in, clicking aimlessly on bar and restaurant names to look through photos, read reviews, and ultimately decide if the walking distance was worth it.

It was painstaking.

So, friends, for you I will share my research and how it worked out for us. We stopped at three places and saw several along our walk that I believe would be worth a stop in. Hopefully these help you for your tapas crawl around Sitges!

bar with tapas and wine bottles

The Best Tapas in Sitges

Finding the best tapas in Sitges may be a difficult task, since everywhere we stopped was not only delicious, but crowded. Sitges is a very popular town for short stay travelers wanting a hotel near the Barcelona airport for the night, and it is also a welcoming town for the LGBTQ+ crowd.

Bars with seafront views and people-watching sidewalks are plentiful, so deciding where to go is based moreso on where your nose leads, and where there’s space for you. 

That said, make reservations when you can at these places, or pop in and hope to grab a spot at the bar or a coveted table.

street view of shops

La Picara

Our first stop, we really enjoyed the welcome we received at La Picara. With a homespun feel, our host from Chile was a lovely woman with excellent English, ushering us through the menu and some very charming conversation. 

Although the service was impeccable and warming, there is another reason to visit - their cod mousse dip. Yes, it may sound unappealing, but think of it as a warm fish dip.

cod mousse with bread points

The cod mousse was whipped ever so finely, with only garlic as an added ingredient. With a touch of spice peppered on the top, this dish was a stellar start to our tapas crawl around Sitges.


When we stepped in here, we were unfortunately met with a crowd and a denial to stay because of how busy it was. But as I looked around as happy diners, and even spoke to a few to find out what they were eating, I had wished I booked a table in advance.

With dozens of montaditos (bread with something on it) available at the counter, I peeped a delicious “something with cheese on it” that a couple from Atlanta was eating. They weren’t sure what they ordered, but it sure looked good to me.

El Cable

A little off the main drag, you’ll stroll quietly through the dark and narrow alleys of Sitges until you see a crowd forming at the bottom of a hill. This is where you will find arguably some of the best tapas in Sitges.

Receiving numerous awards for their tapas, this place was undoubtedly popular. Dozens of people with only drink in hand loitered about outside waiting for a table to become available inside their traditionally cute dining hall. 

restaurant interior with wine bottle decor

Inside, we saddled up to the standing-room only bar for some copas and cañas (small beers) along with whatever piqued our interest on the menu.

We didn’t go for the traditional picos (nibbles) like patatas bravas, croquettes or the like (more on Spanish tapas here), instead we chose the more unique items on the menu.

For instance, we tried the Pumpkin Fagottini with goat cheese (a savory pastry), the Finding Nemo (a cup of tuna tartare), the chicken curry and the Cheek (a pork cheek with apple compote, not pictured).

a trio of tapas plates

Of course this menu was served to us in both English and French, so I don’t have the Spanish names. You’ll find that in Sitges you will hear more English and French than Spanish, which is rather disappointing from an authenticity perspective, but it provides for an easy last night’s stay to a vacation where you may have exhausted your Google Translate app.

Bottom line, check this place out for the food and buzzy atmosphere.

Other Tapa Bars in Sitges

These other places looked good when we were walking by. We passed several courtyards and cozy corners but didn’t catch the names. Many places were quite empty, in fact, so it would be reasonable to say you could walk in at a whim at just about anywhere else in town than the ones above.

It is possible to also visit through an organized tapas walk (above), which could be fun if you are traveling solo or want to meet other people.

Put these on your list if you like basque cuisine (ciders, cod, meats):

  • Eguzki Lizarran

  • Izarra Taberna Vasca

Put these on your list if you want beach vibes and waterfront views:

  • Picnic

  • Chiringuito

beach view beach bar

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