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Destination Inspiration for 5 Types of Travelers - Which One Are You?

Updated: 7 days ago

Are you stuck trying to decide where to go for your next vacation? Just choose which of these types of travelers fits your persona best, and voila - the travel planning is already taken care of for you!

Using my helpful guides and tools, all you'll need to think about next is - what to pack?

Make this year different. Make this the year you travel further, smarter, cheaper and more prepared than ever!

Note: Always Pack Tissues represents many tried and tested travel sites as what is called an 'affiliate' partner. That means if you click on my ads I may get a commission from a resulting sale.

For Families with Young Children: London

London guards at the tower of london

London may as well be America (with fewer Walmarts), making the English-speaking metropolis a simple and inexpensive jaunt for travel-timid tourists with kids in tow.

Where you’ll go: 

All the hotspots, including the BigBus Tours, the Tower of London and most definitely to see Harry Potter’s backlot tour at the Warner Bros Studio.

Where you’ll stay:

You’re staying on Dad’s well earned Hilton or Marriott points from all those business trips in the London Bridge area. It’s affordable, safe and well located.

Guides to get you there:

A review of Norse Airlines - the cheapest flights to and from London and the US!

For the Adventurous Couples: Marrakesh

dining under patio lights in morocco

Nothing is more accessible yet still wildly exciting and romantic than a trip to Morocco. The sounds, smells, colors and experiences are unmatched. Couples will enjoy this best, along with families with grown children or yes, even women looking to take a shopping and relaxation retreat.

Where you’ll go: 

getting a henna tattoo in morocco

The evenings will be spent in opulent, French infused dining halls with belly dancers or vintage trappings, the days will wind slowly through mazes of shopping souks, spas and historic palaces. Day trips will delight with desert camel rides or desert camping, or side trips to the beach are even in store.

Where you’ll stay:

A riad, obviously! With the dreamy inner courtyards and elaborate Arabian decor, it’s a no brainer.

Guides to get you there:

Destination Inspiration For the Ones Who Have Been Everywhere: Japan

There’s never been a place more fitting for those who have seen it all, than Japan. From truly authentic, old world experiences to bonkers, mind bending batshit crazy experiences, you’ll pretty much find everything here…and then some.

This trip can be great for groups, families, or on your own. It's incredibly safe, and surprisingly affordable - once you get there. Airfare will be the biggest killer here!

girl in front of cup of noodles wall

Where you’ll go: 

The sky’s the limit. Into treks and serenity? Check out the mountains and onsens. Want a dabble of everything? Try a cruise. Soak in history and culture? Hit the big cities for the castles and temples of days gone by. There’s truly something for everyone.

Where you’ll stay:

I recommend at least one or two nights in a traditional Ryokan, like Edo Sakura in Tokyo. Otherwise, burn through hotel points at the big names like Marriott and Hilton, or look for cozy, family run hotels with restaurants for excellent dining experiences and cultural touches you wouldn’t get elsewhere.

Guides to get you there:

I've got a whole category dedicated to this! Check it out:

For Artists and Foodies: Oaxaca

woman eating a popcicle

Get your empty bags ready, because you’ll be filling them with souvenirs, mezcal, and memories from incredible places like the ruins of the Zapotec people, and the many markets and artisan workshops in Oaxaca.

It doesn't take much for this destination inspiration to kick into high gear - just browse my links and photos and you'll be surely hooked, or at least put in on your bucket list for this year or next!

Where you’ll go: 

Mezcal tours, visits to ancient ruins, strolls and haggling through marketplaces, and colorful meals await you at this off the beaten path, inland Mexico destination.

Where you’ll stay:

The hotel options are countless, and all enormously rich in culture. 

Guides to get you there:

For Cruise Lovers: Northern Europe Cruises

Christmas market ornaments in Germany

Great for any time of year, Northern Europe shines in the winter months with their Christmas Markets, and dazzles in the summer for their cooler climates and historic ports of call.

Where you’ll go: 

From England to Germany, Holland, France and more, the cruising options for a Northern Europe cruise are plentiful and varied. 

Where you’ll stay:

You’ll stay onboard your cruise ship, of course, with bookended nights in likely Southampton port.

Guides to get you there:

Check out my Cruise port Guides or Northern Europe guides!

Life is short, but the journey is long. Make it count and book that trip today!



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