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Oaxaca Mezcal Tours and Distilleries for Mezcal Tasting in Oaxaca

Updated: Apr 9

Less than an hour outside Oaxaca City, fans of the smoky agave elixir called mezcal can enjoy a day of agriculture, farm lands, and delicious mezcal tasting along the Ruta Caminos del Mezcal. With palenques (mezcal distilleries) just minutes from the downtown area, the route can be enjoyed all the way to the archaeological ruins at Mitla, to Tlacolula, where you'll find the popular Sunday market, and beyond to the "world capital of mezcal", Santiago Matatlan, just an hour into the journey.

Mezcal, for me, is one of the most unique and delicious liquors to cross my lips. Wonderful in cocktails, the smokiness of mezcal also stands up well on its own. Oaxaca mezcal tours and tastings can be found just about anywhere on this route, but it's good to have a few up your sleeve for the day.

a woman in a cowgirl hat takes a mezcal tour in front of pinas from agave

Below, find a list of mezcal distilleries, every one unique in its own right - some serving meals, others colorful representations of Oaxacan agriculture. Most showcase the original method of making mezcal, with horse or donkey driven spindles that grind cooked agave. The agave moves on to vats where it is fermented and distilled. I'll share a bit about this process below as well.

If you have a car, this journey will be very easy - just make sure you have a designated driver! Otherwise, I've also provided numerous tour options that will take all the guess work out.

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Oaxaca Mezcal Tours and Distilleries We Personally Visited and Recommend

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Mezcal Casa Chagoya

the colorful garden of agaves at casa chagoya

A lovely stop along the road to Tlacolula, stop into Casa Chagoya for their free tour, which takes about 35 minutes and is very informative. We learned about the many types of agave used for mezcal, discussed flora and fauna, the process of making mezcal the artesanal way (as well as the more ancient but still used today methods), and more. They are open from 10-6 daily.

copper vat and zapotec symbol on wall

Casa Chagoya, according to their website, is also the oldest of the palenques on the Oaxaca mezcal route, and its beautiful brick building houses many artifacts to support the claim. The clay pot method of making mezcal below is still used today at Casa Chagoya!

antique clay pot distilling process

They offer three tours, 2 of which reservations must be made at least 3 days in advance. No prior reservation is necessary for the free tour.

Of course we chose the most expensive of the three tours (~$57pp), but it is also the most immersive. Including everything you get from the free tour, you also get special samples of mezcal you wouldn't otherwise receive (I recommend taking home some reposado), intimate time with the maestro mezcalero, and a three course pairing dinner, served privately in their distillery cellar.

woman poses in a cellar in front of mezcal bottles

Be prepared to communicate in Spanish (or use Google Translate) to make the reservation via Whats App. Payment of 50% is required as a deposit through bank transfer or PayPal.

Mezcal Espina Dorada

a wooden building with clay pots

This family-run, small batch distillery was only a 3 min drive from our casa AirBnB, so naturally it was worth a stop. Full of passion, this authentic mezcal distillery will not disappoint. It was here that we first sampled chapulines, among other firsts including garlic infused mezcal to help you in sickness (or hey, for this Italian girl, also in health!). I love garlic so much, so I definitely brought a bottle of this home alongside the delicious reposado.

Palenque Gracias a Dios Mezcal

brightly colored mexican mezcal bar