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Compact, Travel Sized Products For the Smart Packer

Updated: 3 days ago

I love finding compact items I can travel with and I love finding bargains. These oh-so-cute and very practical products not only pack small in my suitcase but have been game-changers for when I travel. You need these fun, unique and useful travel accessories in your life now. Trust me!

Note: Always Pack Tissues represents many tried and tested travel sites as what is called an 'affiliate' partner. That means if you click on my ads I may get a commission from a resulting sale.

Compact Travel Products

When I saw this in Woman's Day Magazine, I couldn't wait to jump on Amazon to buy it.

This stupid cute mini razor from Gillette comes in its own travel case and could tuck just about anywhere.

It comes in a few different refill pack options with built in gel so there's no need for shaving cream.

These bad boys were a miracle to find before my three week trip to Japan.

two tide products lined up on a sink

Packing these pocket sized sink detergent packs afforded me an option to wash underwear or other small items in a sink or tub while traveling.

Since we were on a cruise ship in Japan for 9 days, I wanted to be sure I had something handy in case my toddler had a potty mishap or my husband inevitably plopped tomato sauce on his shirt. Luckily, we never needed them, but having it on hand gave me peace of mind without added weight or space in my carry on.

Don't forget also the OG tide stick pen for small stains, or the newer Tide Wipes, which act in a similar capacity as the pen.

I first saw these in Europe and immediately needed to have one.

Having a water bottle that is not only cute, but also practical is a perfect thing to add to your purse packing list. These bottles come in a variety of colors and styles, but this one is definitely the smallest to pack that I have seen.

Shrinking to virtually nothing, don't worry about water bottle pockets on a backpack or bringing a carabiner clip to attach it to your luggage. This dainty bottle tucks away for security and can be filled up inside the airport terminal without weighing you down.

This travel pillow packs as small as a cosmetics bag and keeps your hands free. How many times have you seen people carrying huge pillows through the airport?

The burden is over! This small pillow is great for camping, airplane travel and having your own pillow in hotel rooms.

Fill this tube with your favorite expensive perfume or cologne to make it travel ready. This atomizer takes the scent of your choice and turns it into a compact travel sized spray bottle to pack in your purse, carry on or cosmetic bag.

Listen, everybody poops, so let's just acknowledge the massive stink in the room. Traveling with your new boyfriend? Taking a girls trip? Got a kid with the runs? Pack a travel-sized Poo-pourri in your purse or carry on.

My husband, my kids and my parents love these. It's basically an atomizer of essential oils that you spray in the toilet before you go. Or, spray after you flush for the next person.

Once you spray, the whole room smells lovely and no one needs to smell your stink.

This is especially useful in tight quarters like cruise ship cabins or campers.

Buy a travel pack and hand them out to your friends.

Unsure about TSA liquid rules? This is a great worry-free product to pack for buggy destinations. One wipe can do your whole body and maybe one of the kids too, and they are super strength so they actually do a pretty good job protecting you versus the spray kind.

Don't forget to purchase some After Bite sticks for soothing any itchy bug bites that you may end up getting anyway. They are a god send. They come in Kid's After Bite too, which stings less than the adult version.

I have talked about these before in my guide to things you must have for an overseas flight and I'll gladly recommend them over and over.

Tiny and useful, these little toothbrushes also act as toothpicks and breathe fresheners on the go. Just grab and toss when you are done.

Useful Travel Accessories

keys dangle from a door with a chapstick holder

When I first saw this at a local store, I purchased all of the ones they had on the shelf. I had intended on gifting them to my family members, but greedily I chose to put one on every purse and backpack I use for traveling.

As a mom, I'm already packing a million and one things for my toddler, so rifling around a bottomless pit of a purse for my trusty chapstick is not a joyous task.

With these super simple carriers, my lip balm is always within reach.

This simple phone holder clips to any phone on virtually any surface with enough grip to clip. Leave the bulky tablets at home, keep your laptop in your backpack, and keep flying simple.

Yea, you need this! If you are always wrangling wires or getting tangled up, this simple little plug in device is your saving grace.

Transmit your bluetooth or wireless headphones' signal directly to your seat back screen as you would with your phone. Winner winner.

Keep your kids from getting lost by slipping an Air Tag into this nifty watch band that comes in hundreds of color options across the internet.

My family liked using this style for our cruise line medallions on Princess Cruise Lines. Instead of room keys, Princess uses medallions and they are the same size as Apple Air Tags!

wristband for air tags

This convenient watch band style of wristband is great because you don't need to dig into your wallet for a key or yank on a neck chain while bending over to the door knob. It's super cute and comfortable too!

If you have any concerns about your tap water, consider getting a Brita filtered water bottle. You're also saving on buying lots of plastic bottles, so yay Earth!

<Insert shameless plug here>

black tote bag with white letters reading 'travel more'

Check out my merch store for half a dozen different styles of tote bags, tshirts and more!

I kind of stumbled onto this one, and I'm on board with it! Use this gadget for camping, hotel rooms or your vacation rental.

Just Because They’re Fun

pack this note pad

I have my own specially curated packing list for my family built into a Google Sheet, but I still have a pad of these "Pack This!" sheets for fun and to double-check my packing job just before traveling.

The list is really thorough and helps me a lot!

It's not exactly the most practical travel mug, but it is still compact and really fun, especially if you are a photographer traveling with like-minded individuals.

These bags are cool looking all on their own, but practical nowadays too. Check out this stunner with a gold chain.

Telena also makes a sweet sling that is not only stylish but packs a lot of great gear!

Emily in Paris - Netflix's guilty pleasure TV show set in France - brought popularity to this item that has been on the market for awhile.

If you have an iPhone, you're in luck - tons of brands are starting to make this cute phone case that will have you feeling so en vogue on your next trip.

I'm really into this style of backpack with its hip colors and trendy vibe. The really great thing about this particular bag is it also doubles as a cooler.

For a beach vacay, road trip or train ride, this cutie cooler has room for all the essentials.


Whether by plane, train or along the open road, these easy to pack, practical and useful travel accessories are a must for adding to your personal bag.

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