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Things To Do In Zaragoza Spain with Kids On a Hot Day

Updated: May 13

With sweat-inducing heat waves battering the country, Spain's arid Zaragoza (where I happen to have a part-time holiday home) is often hit the hardest. My first July in Spain I told my husband, "nunca jamas" - never again. It was simply too hot, and we're from Florida.

Two years later, we found an opportunity to spend my daughter's July school break in Zaragoza, so it was inevitable we would run into the heat waves again. That visit's temperature topped out at 112 degrees Fahrenheit and we were melting into puddles of goo.

So how do you keep cool in a country who believes air conditioning is set to a groovy 80 degrees indoors and the rest rely on fans for interior cooling? I've rounded up our list of favorites to keep not only my 4 year old happy in Zaragoza, but for the adults too.

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How To Beat the Heat in Zaragoza

  • Stay indoors at peak heat times, which are typically between four in the afternoon and eight o'clock at night. Good thing this also somehow coincides with siesta times and meal times.

  • Wear a wide brimmed hat. The humidity may not be so bad, but the UV intensity is.

  • Always walk or stand in the shade when you can

  • Drink lots of water

Where To Hide From Heat Waves With Kids in Zaragoza

For some reason all the playgrounds in Zaragoza are made with these awful metal slides, which just absorb the sun's rage and scald little heineys. Forget the outdoor playgrounds and try these options instead:

Centro Comercial Puerto Venecia, C. Teatro Malibrán, 30, 50021 Zaragoza

Kids meals and hot dogs are super cheap, the showroom is full of great kids toys to set their imagination alight, and don't forget Smaland at the entrance, offering smaller kids a chance to color, play and interact with IKEA toys for an hour. Bring socks for Smaland or buy some near the check out lanes.

Av. de José Atarés, s/n, 50018 Zaragoza

Girl's silhouette looks out at giant prehistoric looking fish

With larger than life prehistoric looking fish and amazing environment build outs, this aquarium is a great way to spend an hour or two.

Marvel at the different fresh water species and the sheer size of the building. Fun for all!

Visit the Firefighting Museum at Los Bomberos (Museo del Fuego y de los Bomberos)

C. de Santiago Ramón y Cajal, 32, 50004 Zaragoza

Girl sits on a man's shoulders looking at old fire equipment

This small museum has an interior courtyard full of large fire trucks from yesteryear and some cute little exhibits for kids, including a cool animated film about fire safety.

Explore the Ruins of The Roman Theater (Museo del Teatro de Caesaraugusta)

C. de San Jorge, 12, 50001 Zaragoza

night views of a covered roman theater

The theater may be outdoors, but it is under shade cover and not to miss. Inside, a really fantastic film about the excavation efforts and history of the theater and Zaragoza in general entertains families for a respite from the scalding heat of day.

Pl. de Basilio Paraíso, 4, 50005 Zaragoza, Spain

This really cool (literally, for a hot day it's great!) museum sits in the basement of a beautiful building off of the pedestrian Gran Via. With free admission, it's a perfect way to spend an hour out of the heat.

museum entrance in Zaragoza

Explore fossils from Spain's past, discover the fascinating minerals and rocks formed within Aragon's soils, and much more! We were very pleased with this elaborate museum, and the whole family was entertained.

mammoth and elephant tusks

Hit the Beach Pool (Playas Expo (Las Playas de Zaragoza))

Pl. Fluvi, 50018 Zaragoza

A sand beach and pool in Zaragoza? Yep, it's there and it's a great spot to cool down with kids. A chiringuito beach bar serves up food and drinks all day.

Go to Restaurant and Jungle Playpark Selvatik

Av. de R. Sainz de Varanda, 18, 50009 Zaragoza

Selvatik is part restaurant part play park. With something for all ages, there are slides, play rooms and even go karts. The jungle theme is super fun and it's only 13 euros for 1.5 hrs of play time.

Get Some Legit Italian Gelato at Ferrara (Heladería Ferrara)

P.º de Fernando el Católico, 14, 50009 Zaragoza

Busy ice cream counter with a menu on the wall

This place has a staff of many doling out giant scoops of gelato in every flavor imaginable. The lemon is outstanding, the strawberry divine, but don't miss the strawberry-banana flavor - holy cow. It's easily accessibly along the light rail on the Gran Via.

Visit the Roman Forum (Museo del Foro de Caesaraugusta)

Pl. de la Seo, 2, 50001 Zaragoza

A stone tunnel

Much like many of the Roman ruins found in Europe, this one was accidentally discovered when builders attempted to break ground on a parking garage near the Basilica del Pilar. The entire exhibit is underground, so you are sure to beat the heat with this informative and fun step back into the past.

Get Out Of Town: Easy Day Trips From Zaragoza to Cool Off

Olite Castle

The interiors of the 15th century parapets, turrets and castle walls are cool and refreshing after being battered by sun.

fairytale castle with slate conical turrets

The town of Olite is absolutely a fairytale, and the reconstructed castle will make kids feel like they stepped into a Disney movie. Bonus is that Olite is only 1.5 hours from Zaragoza.

Visit Wineries

Can't find a cueva or cave to get out of the heat? A wine cellar will do!

A stone wine cave with wine barrels

Get to the Mountains

The Pyrenees are about 3 hours by car.

Head to the Beach

San Sebastian's basque tapas haven is a few hours away, as is Barcelona, which can be visited by train in under two hours.

It is common for those in Aragon to travel to either Sitges or Salou for beach time, due to it's easy highway access and lovely beaches. We stayed in both and can recommend them.

In Salou, we stayed in the neighboring town of La Pineda at a beachfront hotel called Hotel Best Terramina. This place was perfect, right on the beach, affordable, offered a bar, restaurant and full service or buffet meals (should you choose to add them on), and they had a pool too.

Walking distance to several great restaurants and shops, it makes for a great overnight stay to cool off from Zaragoza's inland heat.

Things To Know

Just remember that Zaragoza is a very arid city, so the heat will not be as oppressive as a more humid city, but the sun damage is still very real! Lather up with sunblock and stay indoors when possible.

Bring a personal fan and stay hydrated friends!

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1 Comment

Jul 12, 2023

Zaragoza is such a wonderful city. It has retained the charm of non-touristy spain, yet there is so much to do and see there. Wonderful article.


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