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Things to Do in Yokohama Japan With Kids: The Ultimate Guide

Updated: May 17

Upon arriving in Yokohama, I felt a very sneaky relation to Washington D.C.'s business-centric areas like Crystal City and Arlington. It didn't seem very tourist friendly. Tall office buildings with corner shop cafes towered over very organized streets, where commuters patiently crossed crosswalks and early to risers made their way up the stairs of metro stops.

The area seemed stark, and I was concerned that we had booked three nights at the Westin Yokohama. Where would we walk to eat? Was Yokohama even worth visiting? Luckily, with an abundance of great food and dining options, unique tourist attractions and great shopping we were pleasantly surprised and happy to spend a few days in Yokohama. More than being known just for business and Yokohama tires, this large and bustling city has a lot to offer families, too.

In this article you will find:

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Things to Do in Yokohama With Kids

Yokohama Chinatown

Arrive a little before lunch time, and hungry, because Yokohama's Chinatown is full of great street food. From adorable little bao buns that look like pandas to candied strawberries on sticks, your kids will be screaming "kawaii!" at all the cuteness.

colorful bao buns shaped to look like panda bears

Stroll some shops before eventually sitting down to a big Peking Duck lunch to close out your visit.

red neon chinatown signs clutter the building facades

Go back at night to see the town lit up with red lanterns and couples walking the pedestrian friendly streets for a late night snack.

Yokohama Sky Cabin

Adjacent to a mall and train station, this clever mode of transportation takes tired travelers across the water to the Cup of Noodles museum, shopping, and amusement rides. For a bit of a steep price you can get a round trip ticket, but it is worth every penny not to make the walk with kids.

large grey and black gondola cars operate around a turnstile

Enjoy beautiful views from your sky cabin gondola and take in a relaxing moment before heading deeper into entertainment fun land!

Get tickets in advance here.

Cup of Noodles Museum

What a fun and stupid way to spend an hour or two. Upon arriving you will be attacked by choices that must be paid for in advance. For instance, if you want to 'create your own noodles', you can do that. There is a little factory area where you not only design your cup (with markers and such), but you can choose your type of noodles and type of toppings to include.

round tables with red stools, people making their ramen noodles package design

The whole thing is then vacuum sealed in a take home bag that kind of looks like when Nemo's friends jumped into the ocean in bags. It's big and absurd but a cool souvenir I guess!

If you choose not to purchase that at the door, there are also "make your own noodles" options that run at certain times and days.

Then there is the food court, called the bazaar, which is also confusing because it mentions admission being a half-size portion of noodles. What I found in the bazaar instead was a come and go as you please food court full of adorable options for your noodz.

No admission required, just walk up to the vending machine of your choice (it's always vending machines in Japan!) and wait for your noodles to be served up within a minute or two at the counter.

a colorful food court is the backdrop for a woman happily eating ramen noodles
Enjoying the OG Original Chicken Ramen

From Italian to Indonesian, the food court is meant to resemble the destinations that Mr. Cup of Noodles (founder Momofuku Ando) visited in search of the perfect noodle.

What he came up with became the foundation of the museum. The kids will love the animated film (all in Japanese) explaining Momofuku's story, and will be interested in seeing the replica home where he came up with the idea.

Different exhibits include a room of wall to wall ramen containers, a psychedelic photo op room, and an interactive touch and play room for kids to hear and see different things come to life on the wall. Kids even can play in a Cup of Noodles themed play area (for an added fee), when it is open.

metal slides pop out from under boxes and boxes of cardboard cup of noodles crates

All in all, come for the vibes but stay for the noodles.

The Yokohama Port Museum

a white sailing vessel with four tall masts

This super cool museum offers two types of tickets: one just for the outside ship and one for the ship and the inside museum. Outside, the training ship can be boarded and explored.

Inside the Nippon Maru, Japan's 1930's sailing vessel, children will enjoy seeing the old bunk rooms, the kitchen where they made hoards of rice, miso soup and tempura for its crew, and how the captains lived and worked.

a little girl holds the steering wheel of a 1930s ship

You'll see the two bridges, the training room where its crew learned on the sea, and learn about the history of the ship. This is a highly enjoyable tour for all, but beware there are steep climbs up and down narrow stairwells, so it is best to leave your strollers on the dock by the ship. Kids should be able to walk to visit this site, or prepare to carry them!

Yokohama World Porters Shopping Mall

It's kind of amazing how malls in Japan are seamless. Meaning, the stores are open like a market, with no walls or borders really separating spaces. This mall is a huge indoor treasure trove for unique clothing, souvenirs, and a Seria - one of my favorite 100 yen shops.

Located at the base of the sky cabin, you'll definitely find yourself there at some point. Kids will enjoy a McDonald's downstairs (also helpful for Dad's to keep them busy while mom shops), and its food court had some seriously good looking options as well, like a conveyor belt sushi joint!

The Cup of Noodles museum is just next door, so this pairs very well with all the attractions on this list.

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Gundham Factory

Nerds rejoice! There is a lifesize Gundham to visit in Yokohama. Leave ample time to visit and be sure to look up the times for the "show" where he moves and speaks.

Nissan Global Showroom

Get ready to entertain Dad! This free showroom has vintage and futuristic cars and offers car loving kids a chance to see (and get into) some of the hottest Nissan cars on the line right now.

a black futuristic car with winged doors and a piano in the back!