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Top 2 Things to Do in Oslo When You Only Have a Few Hours

Updated: 6 days ago

Having just arrived from the Oslo airport around breakfast time, we had time to kill before getting on our DFDS Ferry to Copenhagen, leaving around 3 in the afternoon. A short 15-20 minute walk took us to the (free) Akershus Fortress, an impressive active fort complex atop a hill overlooking the fjord. It is said to be the inspiring design for Anna and Elsa’s castle in Frozen, so of course we took the opportunity to dress up our two year old in a black and gold Anna dress for some photo ops. People looked at us weirdly – I don’t think the connection to the movie is common there – but we had fun with it. We were able to get coffee from the gift shop and enjoyed some fresh air after 12 hours of traveling from the US the night before.

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Akershus Fortress in Oslo Norway
Akershus Fortress in Oslo Norway

More info on Akershus Fortress here:

After the fortress, another short 10 minute walk had us arriving at the ferry terminal around noon. A matter of steps across the road from the ferry boat you will find a small sign pointing to the Vippa Food Hall.

Blog owner smiles in front of Vippa food hall mural
Maria at Vippa Food Hall

This hipster haven on the waterfront offers not only amazing murals on the walls, but tremendously high quality cuisine. Adorned with festive flags from the ceiling, games and puzzles to entertain little ones or lingering parties, this food hall allows you to order from your cell phone without the need to wait in any lines.

From curry to pierogis, Mexican to soup bowls, Vippa offers a globe full of food options, all absolutely delicious. We fawned and gushed over our plates of butter chicken with naan, cucumber salad and rice, our gyoza periogies stuffed with Norwegian coldwater prawns, our warming pumpkin soup, and the unlimited vibes of the super cool food court. Vippa made repeat visitors out of us for sure in the future, and we just may have slapped a couple Always Pack Tissues stickers in the bathroom stalls to leave our mark. Hopefully they don’t mind!

A 3 minute walk from Vippa takes you directly to your DFDS Ferry bound for Copenhagen so enjoy a few drinks, LOTS of yummy grub, and make your way to your overnight cruise.

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