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The 2 Best Travel Beds for your Baby...and more!

Updated: 6 days ago

These two products make traveling with your little ones so much easier.

Based on personal purchases, Always Pack Tissues recommends: two travel beds for your baby or toddler to make traveling a breeze.

Note: Always Pack Tissues represents many tried and tested travel sites as what is called an 'affiliate' partner. That means if you click on my ads I may get a commission from a resulting sale.

For the light packer: Guava Lotus Travel Crib

This carry-on sized crib folds in to a lightweight backpack that even the smallest framed of mothers can lug around. Use it at the beach, the camper, grandma's house or in your

hotel room. We loved this cribs' versatility and small footprint until our daughter turned about 2 years old. This counts as a carry on bag and never needs to be checked at the airport. If you are picky about hotel cribs, the Guava crib offers peace of mind since you

are bringing your own bedding with it. Use it as a play pen or corral when indoors, outdoors, napping at grandma's - wherever.

Major perks:

  • Folds in seconds

  • No tricky buttons to maneuver

  • Top or side access to baby

  • Cushioned pad base is set at floor level

  • Pad can be wiped clean!

  • Backpack is small and comfortable

  • Custom fitted sheets fold in to the backpack and don't need to be removed for travel

Things that we didn't like:

  • Custom-fitted sheets cost extra but are worth the spend, they clip in so there's no slipping or suffocating during the night


We have recommended this crib to everyone we know having a baby. Use it as your primary or just for traveling. You won't regret it!

Read reviews, see details and buy at the ad link to the right.

For the toddler on the move: Regalo My Cot Portable Toddler Bed

When our daughter started becoming interested in a "big girl bed", we tested the waters with this amazing little cot. A little pricier than what you may see at your local daycare, this cot offers comfort and valuable additions that your standard floor pad cots don't offer.

With a low to the ground profile, rest easy knowing your growing toddler won't have far to go if they roll off in the middle of the night. Accommodating about 75 pounds, your kid has a long way to grow with it. All folded up, it takes up about as much space as a yoga mat. There is also a fitted 'sheet' that covers the whole thing, for added comfort and a washable clean up strategy. I personally prefer to use the Urban Infant Nap Mat on top for its durability and easy laundering, but any sheet, blanket or nap mat will do. The Urban Infant Nap Mat tops out

the price scale compared to its competing Baby Shark or Frozen themed daycare mats, but I fell for the cute quilting and girly poppy pattern. It has a removable pillow, built in 'teddy bear pocket', corner straps to ensure your mat doesn't move, and really cozy blanketing for my kiddo. It rolls up neatly into a yoga mat sized roll as well.

We have used the Regalo cot on our camper, in her bedroom while we worked on transitioning her from crib to 'big girl bed', and in our one-bedroom apartment in Spain. We fold it away during the day time and take it out at night. So much easier than setting up our futon couch in the living room every day!

Major perks of the Regalo cot:

  • Folds in 1 millisecond

  • Accepts any kind of bedding

  • Low to-the-ground profile

  • Small footprint - takes up no room in a larger duffel bag or travel bag

  • Top sheet is washable

  • Accommodates growing kids

  • Light-weight

Things that we didn't like:

  • A little bulky for standard carry-on, but we hide it in our car seat carry bag, which can be checked for free at check-in, or gate checked.

Blue cot photo all broken down to it's carry size


I love these products so much that I almost bought one of these for each of our three homes - Florida, Spain and the camper. Instead, we traveled with the cot until it found its forever home in Spain. The nap mat is used daily at daycare and continues to impress, whereas the car seat bag is one of those items that stops every father at the airport, dying to know where we got it. Large and in charge, that bad boy looks heavy but is so light-weight that I prefer to carry it over our other baggage! All three of these products will not disappoint.

Photo of blue cot with pink poppy nap mat on top. Photo is taken in the kitchen of a travel trailer.

Read reviews, see details and buy these products by clicking on the ad links above.


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