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The Only Gift you Need for the Traveler in your Life

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If ever someone needed a gift for a traveler - just one gift, I'll tell you the same suggestion every time. This gift is something that no matter how many you have, you'll always appreciate more. I have about half a dozen or more, then I saw my mom's collection - upwards of 20! This gift is small, inexpensive, and mighty. What is the only gift you need for the traveler in your life?

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Drum roll please....


Packing cubes will change the way you pack drastically. I've always been a good, light packer - rolling everything (including the delicate bits) and packing only what I need for accessories and cosmetics. I have even whittled down my shoe stash from three or four pairs to one or two.

And to push the limits even further, I just recently packed for three weeks successfully in an under seat bag only. I'm on fire, and all because of packing cubes.

Two small black bags for under seat travel
3 Weeks in under seat bags! 1 for me, 1 for my daughter.

These game changers corral all those rolled clothes into a compact cube for easy in and out (how many times have you seen people rummaging through a mess of clothes at airport security?, ugh), and also your clothes get jammed in as tight as possible. I don't like the vacuum seal kind - granted I have never tried it - but I find myself in and out of the cubes often, so I can't see that being very practical.

You can stack the cubes in a suitcase or shove them in a backpack. They are soft and squishy and I'm not gonna lie, make for a great soft pillow in airports. Averaging anywhere from $10-$50 you can get whatever style you want.

Want FREE packing cubes?

Donate just $15 to the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) and they will send you some sweet cubes to thank you!

---> Donate here <---

When I am packing heavier, packing cubes are a godsend. I've got the following cubes all packed and ready to go:

  • Cosmetic bag cube (yes, I bought one from Ross - it's Tahari brand!)

  • Socks and underwear cube (per person in the family)

  • Main clothes cube (per person in the family)

  • "Grab bag" cube (full of one full set of overnight clothes to pack in a carry on, in the event checked bags go missing).

Truly, this is such an easy and affordable gift, I don't know why I haven't been gifted more of them. I love the flexibility that packing cubes offer, and love to brag even more about how great they are. Buy one for all of your friends, your grandma, your dog and you as well! But in any case, buy a set for the traveler in your life. They will love you for it!

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