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Domaine Drouhin - A French Vineyard in Oregon

Updated: Jan 11

Domaine Drouhin's front door sign

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As someone who notoriously does not like Pinot Noir, my palate is humbly corrected and challenged at Domaine Drouhin on every visit. Domaine Drouhin gets a special spotlight because their winery was the first winery in Oregon to open my eyes to Pinot Noir in a new light. When the wine has a story whose roots literally run deep in the history of European vine growing, the characteristics of what I once looked at as a lifeless varietal now takes on new depth.

French Vines in Oregon

Did you know that most of Oregon's wine country is composed of Burgundy grapes from France?

These "cloned" vines stretch across acres and acres of vineyards from Dundee to Willamette Valley and on, bringing a taste of France to America's Pacific Northwest.

Happy blog owner holding a glass of white wine
Sampling wine at nearby Domaine Serene's Members Only Lounge

I always thought the grapes in Oregon were young and still needed decades to mature. I have always leaned so heavily into the old world reds that I didn't stop to consider - could old world vines be supplanting our varietals right here in youthful North America?