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Pro Tips for Visiting BCN Priority Pass Lounge

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Plan ahead for your travels through Barcelona's El Prat Airport and read up on my tips for accessing the Barcelona airport lounge, specifically if you are travelling internationally from Terminal 1.

I've been there many times flying in and out of our holiday home in Zaragoza and have learned a few things here and there that should save you time. And if you don't already have a priority pass membership, it may be time to consider it.

How do you get access to the Barcelona airport lounge?

Many people get access through their credit card programs, or you can purchase a standalone priority pass membership to gain access to thousands of lounges worldwide.

Why Priority Pass? Why get lounge access?

Aside from the feeling of being in the upper crust club, in reality it's a nice place to unwind and relax before a flight.

You will be less likely to encounter first time travelers and will be among more seasoned travelers instead.

The benefits of tranquility out rank everything, to have a nice space away from the airport madness, but free food and drinks certainly help too.

Here's some typical perks you can find in a priority pass lounge:

  • Quiet space

  • Less chaos

  • Free food

  • Free drinks

  • Free wifi

  • Free reading materials

marble bar with bartender
Terminal C Lounge Bar at MCO

Purchase Priority Pass membership first

There are three levels of membership. Choose a $99 plan where you still pay $35 entry, or upgrade to one of two premium level plans for free visits. Click here for more details.

Barcelona Airport Lounge Tips

You must enter security first.

The lounges are typically within the terminals, after security.

If traveling internationally, you must go through customs first

If you try to access the lounge before customs, they will turn you around, so save yourself the trip.

After customs, find the BCN Priority Pass Lounge or VIP signs and enter via the escalator or elevator

The BCN Priority Pass lounge that I have spent the most time in is the Sala VIP Miro. Find the entrance located through the duty free shop. The line moves quickly, so pay attention or angry old Brits get mad.

If you do not already have a card offering lounge access, sign up for your access in advance here.

There are cool spaces like lounge spaces for kids, or tables on the far side.

Kids get little low to the ground seating like on plastic elephants, if you can snag one. There are tons of options for table seating or more lounge style seats.

Sometimes they serve sushi!

The food isn't always outrageous, but there's plenty of snack foods. The day the sushi man showed up, we were totally wowed. It was pretty good!

sushi at an airport lounge
BCN Priority Pass Lounge

Stay vigilant for changing meal times (breakfast to lunch)

We always seem to be there mid morning or early afternoon, which is during their change from breakfast foods to lunch. The buffet can get super picked over, so just keep visiting to see what they turn out.

Help yourself to liquor, beer and wine

Pour it yourself!

Pro tip: don't go searching for a bottle opener, they are tied up to the edge of each bar area where needed most.

Wait for the good meats!

They sometimes have good jamon or fuet, so it is worth looking back often.

Or, hold out for the numerous Enrique Tomas jamon vending machines scattered around the terminal. You definitely want to get the "snack box".

jamón vending machine

Ultimately, the BCN Priority Pass lounge is easy to access, but often feels like a bit of a walk to my gate so plan for plenty of transit time between the time your gate is posted and the time you leave to go board.

It's a nice lounge and depending on time of year can be either really crazy and busy, or so relaxing that you may forget you have a flight to catch! (Or maybe it's the free Rioja?).

At any rate, the Barcelona Airport Lounge has been very kind to us, one in which we often look forward to to get our day of travel started. Learn more about the lounges and your Priority Pass Membership options here.



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