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What I Learned Traveling on Avelo Airlines

This low-cost, 10 airplane carrier for cheap flights around major US cities was a breeze to travel on. I recently traveled from Orlando's MCO airport to the teeny tiny New Haven Tweed airport (and back), and the experience was pretty darn good! Read on for an Avelo Airlines review detailing my thoughts on the bag sizes (for personal items on Avelo), for the booking process, insider tips, and the on-board experience.

Note: Always Pack Tissues represents many tried and tested travel sites as what is called an 'affiliate' partner. That means if you click on my ads I may get a commission from a resulting sale.

view of Avelo aircraft at airport

Booking Your Flight

With an easy to use app and streamlined booking process on their website, booking a cheap flight on Avelo Airlines was just as simple as any other booking tool.

Search for flights using my tips on using the Google Flights tool, or book directly at

Preparing For Your Trip

Avelo Change and Cancellation Policy

Should you need to change or cancel your flight, Avelo operates a lot like Southwest Airlines where any changes or even cancellations made up to 15 minutes before the flight are free of charge, depositing funds back into a travel fund bucket for later use.

Be aware that if these changes are made over the phone with customer service, you'll get hit with a $25 fee for using the service. Make the changes online if you can.

Avelo Baggage Sizes

Avelo allows only a personal sized item for underseat storage for free. Any carry on bags or checked bags will incur a fee.

With my experience with low cost airlines in Europe like Ryan Air, Vueling, and overseas carrier Norse Airlines, I've expertly packed a week's worth of clothes into this tiny personal item sized bag, and it's completely possible, if you're a cheapskate like me.

Avelo bag size checker at airport

Avelo allows the following personal item bag size:

No larger than 17″L x 13″H x 9″W (43 cm x 33 cm x 22 cm)

You can easily pack for a weekend in a bag this size.

You can look up fees for bags on their website, along with additional sizing details here.

The Bag You Want for Avelo Airlines

In fact, I think I found my new favorite travel bag for airlines like this while waiting in the Tweed airport. I took a bunch of photos (with this girl's permission!) and couldn't wait to share it with you.

black duffle bag

You can find her super sleek backpack duffle on Amazon at this link, and try it for yourself. I'm seriously so impressed with the versatility of this bag as it is a backpack, has a handle carry, and it expands for throwing in jackets and such when you're not traveling under size restrictions. And, they come in three colors!

black skinny backpack

Get your Newind Travel Bag for Avelo Airlines here:

black backpack duffle

The even better part? It's super inexpensive, costing just under $30. Woohoo!

Avelo Wine Travels Free Program

Now, I would be remiss if I didn't mention this new program that started just three days before publication of this article, called their "Wine Travels Free" Program.

Although this is not something I got to take advantage of, lucky travelers from California's wine country in Sonoma County (STS Airport) will get to check a bag or case full of wine FOR FREE. Heck yes!

I always struggle with visiting wine country and not being able to return with fruits of my laborious wine tasting. That's why I ended up getting myself a wine suitcase from the lovely folks at FlyWithWine, called the VinGardeValise wine suitcase.

Now, when I travel with wine or to a wine destination, I always bring my wine suitcase. I've written up a whole review of these here, and highly suggest that if you are part of the Avelo readers traveling through Sonoma, that you get one of these bad boys for yourself. It's a FREE BAG OF WINE.

Seriously, I think I like Avelo even more for this new program effort. Kudos, friends.

Check-In Experience

Lastly, for preparing for your Avelo Airlines trip, you will want to be aware that the earlier you check in, the better seat you (seemingly) get assigned. For both legs of my journey, I checked in within 2 minutes of the departure time (24 hours in advance, ie check in at 1025 Thursday for a 1025 Friday flight) and was assigned rows 11 and 15 (respectively, per leg).

This proves to me that it may very well be similar again to Southwest Airlines, where the early bird gets the better seats.

Check in is easy to click through without much additional input needed, if any, and I even did it from a mall dressing room when I got the alert. It's super quick!

Get your boarding pass sent to you in multiple ways, making it even easier to access at the airport.

boarding a plane from the tarmac ramp

At the Airport

A few random things about Avelo Airlines at the airport:

  • It is not located near a Priority Pass Lounge at MCO

  • There is no lounge to speak of at New Haven Tweed (in fact there are only 3 gates and a snack bar)

  • You will be asked to pay for your carry-on at the gate if you haven't already (note this is not your personal item, which is free)

  • Notifications are plentiful from the airlines, and really nice to turn on. You'll get emails and text messages for flight updates, delays, check-in, and more.

OnBoard Avelo Airlines

Avelo inflight view

In-Flight Entertainment

Unlike many modern aircrafts, due to Avelo's low cost offerings, their planes do not have many bells and whistles.

That said, Avelo airlines does not offer the following on their flights:

  • Seat back entertainment

  • Charger ports

  • Headphones

Bring your own entertainment.

black blank seat back console

Snacks and Drinks

Again, being low cost, expect the bare minimum. Avelo does not offer a beverage or snack service, so bring what you need on board. Water bottles are likely available upon request.

Avelo Seats

Although snug, I found the leg room to be pretty spacious but the width to be rather narrow, with pinched arms to my side in the middle seat. Seat backs do not recline, nor are they very well padded.

Given that they generally operate short-haul, 2-3 hour flights, I didn't find this too bothersome.

Overall Avelo Airlines Review

Overall, we found their staff to be pleasant and good at providing updates to the travelers. The boarding process was smooth and organized, and nothing about the flight was particularly unpleasant.

Flying into tiny Tweed airport was rather a delight, as we got to deplane directly onto the tarmac like in Europe, making our arrival full of fan fare and fresh air.

new haven welcome sign

Expect to book your Uber before you deplane if you travel to Tweed, because it will only be 2 minutes from plane to curbside pickup and you don't want to wait forever.

All in all, I'd book with them again. As an avid traveler on cheap airlines in Europe, I feel they've stepped up to the plate with their peers overseas, successfully offering quality service and basic comforts at reasonable prices.

Good job, Avelo - it's always nice to discover a new way to travel cheaply. Browse their route map and get to your travel planning too!



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